A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the aftermath of destiny, at the precipice of fate,
a tale that was never meant to be told awaits its chance to be heard.

You may not know these catacombs, but those who came before knew that you would one day set foot here. For their sake, you must discover what became of them, and what secrets lured those whose bodies now line the halls...

Untold was made for the nineteenth Godot Wild Jam.
You can view the source code here, and listen to the soundtrack here.


Windows v1.0.2 36 MB
macOS v1.0.2 37 MB
Linux v1.0.2 37 MB

Development log


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Please add the open source tag so that game can be found much easier! and so that people like me can start playing it sooner! Other than that keep up with good work!

Pretty dang cool. Was this by any chance inspired by the game Orc and Elves?

Thanks! The inspiration was actually a game on the Amiga called Dungeon Master. It's a fairly loose adaptation, because I've never actually played that game: I saw it in an Ashens video a while ago and the concept stuck with me.

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Great game with very nice artstyle and sound. I was much more hooked than I initially expected and replayed it twice, once to get all three secrets and a second time to decipher the message. I think I finally figured out what it says: https://pastebin.com/F3gYzMGt

Edit: Ah man, Not A Player already had it figured out ^^

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Thank you for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, despite the audio cutting out. I'm not sure what's causing that...