Release notes: v1.0.1

Just barely in time for the extended GWJ19 deadline, version 1.0.1 has arrived! Here are the details:

  • Added invisible walls to a certain room in the endgame, keeping you from clipping into the setpiece.
  • Added gamepad support.
  • Added mod support.¹

¹ Yes, really! I had a couple of people wanting to edit the game's levels, so with this patch, the game now extracts the map and palette files to the userdata folder, allowing for easy access and editing without having to recompile the source.


Windows v1.0.1 36 MB
Mar 24, 2020
macOS v1.0.1 37 MB
Mar 24, 2020
Linux v1.0.1 37 MB
Mar 24, 2020

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