A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Observation station C4-R7 has been corrupted by a space-warping anomaly. Up is down. Right is wrong. The C64 is running Linux.

As a lone operative, you must penetrate the station and neutralise the threat before it spreads further. But be cautious: in these hallways, reality has an expiration date.


Use the arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to shoot.
Gamepads are also supported.


Design & code: John Gabriel (@JohnGabrielUK)
Pixel-art: Mateus Medeiros (@mateuscarmed)
Sound design: Vidar Leimar (@LeimSound)

Music from https://filmmusic.io:
"Aggressor", "Burnt Spirit", "Future Gladiator", "Hiding Your Reality", "It Is Lost", "Phantom from Space", "Rising Tide", "Spacial Winds", "Unseen Horrors"
by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Infinity Defect was made for the tenth Godot Wild Jam.
You can view the source code here.


Windows v1.0.0 61 MB
macOS v1.0.0 64 MB
Linux v1.0.0 63 MB


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What a wonderful little game! The glitch puzzles were very interesting, and I could see the concept being easily expanded. I only wish there was more. ;)

(P.S. I had no sound at all during the gameplay, only the cutscenes. I played on Mac, if that helps.)


If you're a fan of Metroid, you will like this game.
If you're not a fan of Metroid, you will like this game.

Where do I start?

First off, I spent a minute or two enjoying the main menu before pressing PLAY.

The game has a head and a tail. Immediately you know your goal: find and neutralize glitchy threat. Shortly after your arrival is pleasantly welcomed by the space-facility-like atmosphere.

Gameplay is simple yet fun. You get the hang of controls fairly quickly, and what changes is the environment.

Level design is pretty memorable. Introductory levels make sure you learn to use player mechanics appropriately, and it gets progressively harder (but never too hard).

Random glitchy environments make sure that the game sticks to the "Glitch" theme for the jam, and are a nice addition to regular gameplay.

Sound designer(s) did a phenomenal job on this one. Together with the stunning visuals, they create a fitting and lovely atmosphere.

Once again John, you had outdone yourself. Every game you made never failed to hook me. Surely an emerging gamedev talent.

P.S. EE when?


John, you have absolutely been pumping out games! Don't burn yourself out! (This looks awesome too)


Really glad to hear from you again, CoalFire. I'm probably going to have to take some time to recuperate from this one, but it was worth it to work on something with a larger scope. I hope you enjoy it!

And a belated happy second birthday to the channel!


Amazing game with great music and voice over, though there is a bugs in controls, sometime the controls flipped in the area southwest to the pc(with cmd).

And want to know if you did any devlog for the Jam, I would love to see for myself how you created this game.


I know it's poor form for a developer to say, "it's meant to be that way", but... it is! The theme of the jam was "glitch", so the puzzles of the game revolve around it breaking in various ways.

Sadly, there's no devlog; but if you want the quick story: far too many late nights and a design that was mostly composed of stealing bits and pieces from other games. The Metroid series is, of course, the main influence, with the ship's computer being a bit of SHODAN and a bit of GLaDOS.

Thanks for playing!