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Pretty dang cool. Was this by any chance inspired by the game Orc and Elves?

Thanks! The inspiration was actually a game on the Amiga called Dungeon Master. It's a fairly loose adaptation, because I've never actually played that game: I saw it in an Ashens video a while ago and the concept stuck with me.

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Great game with very nice artstyle and sound. I was much more hooked than I initially expected and replayed it twice, once to get all three secrets and a second time to decipher the message. I think I finally figured out what it says:

Edit: Ah man, Not A Player already had it figured out ^^


Beautiful. I had audio problems starting with the 2nd level unfortunately. gorgeous art and sound and sweet minimal storytelling.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, despite the audio cutting out. I'm not sure what's causing that...