Roy Webb, couch potato extraordinaire, was sitting amidst his pile of useless old tat one day, when suddenly a strange wind swept through the room and catapulted his beloved possessions into a strange land known only to him as "the outdoors"!

Faced with the loss of the only source of joy in his life, Roy must venture forth and retrieve his hoard before someone else finds it and flogs it on eBay!


Move with arrow keys/WASD/d-pad
Jump with X/space/face buttons

Techmaniac was made for the thirty-fifth Godot Wild Jam.
The source code is available here.

For a better experience, play one of the desktop builds.


Windows 7 MB
Version 1.0.0 78 days ago
macOS 26 MB
Version 1.0.0 78 days ago
Linux 14 MB
Version 1.0.0 78 days ago


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Nice little metroidvania! :D

It's hard, but I like it.

Very cool! I love how this is basically an interactive videogame history museum, which evokes not just the looks of old games but their difficulty as well. (I did rage quit on the screen to the left of the GBA after repeatedly trying to get over the tall spike and then killing myself against another spike immediately after I finally managed to get past it.)

Cool game.

20:23 and 363 deaths

When i changed to controller I had a much easier time!

Nice art style.

I've seen the death animation a bit too many times haha.

I feel like the hitbox of the player is a bit too large for the control you have over the player.

I liked the upgrade system. Nice job!

Thank you this is such a cool game thank you for making and spending time on this!!

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The focus on the design of the game was evident. Because of the minimal art style, the mechanics were clear and approachable. I liked that there was a silly story (and the humorous commentary) to provide some interest and progression, although the focus was obviously on the platforming. I didn't play through the whole thing, but what I did play was fun.

One issue, however, is that certain moments required mechanical levels of precision, which is fine in small amounts, but on occasions these moments would appear in series and mistakes would force you to try again from the beginning of the series. I found that it was hard to "master" any of these moments because they required such precise input that it was more of chance then anything if I passed it. I could also not be the best platformer player. These moments made the game less enjoyable, in my opinion, and at a few points it wasn't fun.(It wasn't rage inducing, just repetitive and frustrating) Overall, though, it was fun.

This game is pretty good, and well put together, it's just not my cup of tea. Good job!


this made me angry

How to get to the duck...

really cool concept 
i think the jump could be tweaked a bit because it gets funky sometimes but overall a really cool game

very nice

Hii, I've made a walkthrough of the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is quite great.

-The gameplay mechanics are simple and good,but I would like to have an extra mode with just one live (to make the game reeeeally hard hehe) as I think that would fit it's theme.

-The visual style is good and fits the theme of the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


The game was fun but the jump needs to be tweaked just a little bit, it felt like I couldn't jump after getting a certain distance towards the ground, even if I wasn't dead.


I found the duck. I thought I was being so clever...

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Nice one! In my opinion, the difficulty on the very last level shows the best that the timing when the main character is falling is a little bit off. At least for me when playing on the keyboard with SPACE for a jump... But no matter if it's a keyboard or a pad, I feel that if this time could be slower just a tiny bit, mastering this game could be "more" possible. Otherwise, with the microseconds of a difference, it feels that you just need a little bit of luck by repeating the sequence of jumps. But it was a really fun game! I finished it in 17 minutes 13 seconds with 351 deaths :D and collected all items. In general, this is probably not a good result at all :D. Thanks for this fun game!


i could stand on spike(once)

bow before me mortals


Nice job! The story is funny and the platforming is a good challenge. I don't have much to say about the game, but the review below my comment is pretty accurate. Also, is it really that hard to make out the GBA graphics? I think Minish Cap looks amazing.


Fun, slightly difficult game! The "floaty" controls don't really fit the difficulty or genre of game (coming from a background of I Wanna Be The Guy, the controls feel too slippery for my taste, but that is personal preference.), but otherwise, a pleasant, slightly challenging 1-bit experience! Finishing time for first run - 8:37, 74 deaths. Will try to beat down that time further. Excelent game overall!

9/10, one point docked for slippery controls and jank hitboxes

Every time I play a game that is actually trying to be hard and see people complaining about difficulty makes me think I'm either really patient or just better at videogames than what I think I am. Either way, nice little game, took me 20 minutes.

There's a difference, I think, between a game that is hard to master and a game that is hard to control. I also finished in just under 20 mins with 349 deaths, but sections of this are made painful by the level of precision that is required from floaty controls, ungenerous hitboxes and the weird effect of ceiling collision. The design challenge of making a hard game is how to make its difficulty fair so that improvement is meaningfully differentiated from luck.

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I personally like challenging platformers. I think some people are just less patient, my sister struggles with platformers and gets frustrated. I finished in 14:54, all items collected and 225 deaths.The only platformer that's really annoyed me is New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS, there are just some insanely tough levels and it really annoys me that if you lose all your lives you have to restart from the last castle. Maybe Mario isn't a bad series, I just had a bad introduction. But that's the only Mario game I've played.

Lives are just an outdated game design choice that the Mario series took a long time to drop. If you are looking to give the Mario series another try, I'd recommend Super Mario World. The saving system is the same as the one you mentioned, but chances are you will have save states available.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll probably start playing some of the games eventually.


You require some real precise platforming with controls that don't really allow for it and just end up making the game too frustrating to play.