Release notes: v1.0.2

A belated Happy New Year to all! It's high time I got back to this one.

Version 1.0.2 changes the following:

  • Touching the orb before meeting the conditions for clearing a level (such as collecting all coins) no longer causes the music to stop
  • Talking to Carl now pauses the in-game timer
  • The camera now snaps immediately back to the player upon respawning
  • On the title screen, sound effects from the background demo no longer play when transitioning to a new game
  • The game no longer crashes when you exit it¹
  • A credits screen has been added to the main menu

All of these bugs were found by WingedAdventurer, who also did a phenomenal speedrun of Hijinx; his run shaved nearly ninety seconds off my own efforts, and includes an exploit with the trap doors in the last level which absolutely blew my mind. (I'm not fixing that, it's far too cool.)

¹ And this time, at least, it isn't my fault. The alpha builds of Godot 3.1 contained a bug which caused a segfault upon quitting the game, which has now been fixed.


Windows v1.0.2 60 MB
Jan 25, 2019
macOS v1.0.2 62 MB
Jan 25, 2019
Linux v1.0.2 61 MB
Jan 25, 2019

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