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This doesn't run on the client on Mac


Thank you for this fantastic effort! I had been dreaming on working on videogames for a long time and having the code for this project was a completely miracle for my learning.


Mate, thanks for making the code available, it's proving to be an excellent learning resource to someone new to Godot (aka, me). However, the code is missing at least one file: tileset_warning.tres, used by FlashWarning.tscn. Any chance you'll include that in the repository as well, or was leaving that out intentional? :)


Nope, that's supposed to be in there! Thanks for pointing it out - I'll fix that in the next push.


Simply awesome. I realy loved this. Specialy one level, even if I could not finish it. Thank you so very much for makeing this game. A+


I did a speedrun of this game if anyone's interested! There's still plenty of room for improvement~


Oh, darn it!

This looked halfway decent, too. The executable file for the Linux version doesn't come with executable permissions for whatever reason. This prevents me from playing it on my computer since I'm currently unable to use the terminal to fix it. Please do!

Your store page looks really nice, if it's any consolation.

If you download it through the client, the executable permission is automatically added.

Alternatively, you can add the executable permission with Right click > Properties in any Linux file manager.

OK. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Thank you!


This was tough. Thanks for making it optional!
(Video of passing The Floor is Lava in The Anti-Promenade)


The reason it's optional is that I could never beat it myself; you're the world first!


Really great stuff here John! The platforming is really solid, the visuals are great, the writing is really damn funny and the music is fantastic! I do thing an instant restart button for the speedrun cards and a little visual flair on the floor for the floor is lava challenges would go a long way in helping the communication and flow of the game, but still fantastic overall!

Thanks so much for the video, CoalFire; your feedback is always really helpful. One restart button coming up!


The game is great had fun playing it :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay it's a quick gameplay