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Have about 50% completion so far, and the game is really fun! One aspect that I have found frustrating though is not being able to undo moves any more if you game over, and having to restart the level completely instead.

I found a bug: if you step on a rotating mover, then move one extra space, then undo one move, the rotation of the mover also gets undone when it shouldn't do. This happened on Season 5, Episode 5.


Now that I've completed the game I've got to say, this is a great game. There are certainly some difficulty problems, but the feeling of pure joy you get from finishing that one difficult level is addicting. The 100% run is not for the faint of heart, elderly or pregnant women, but if you aren't one of those I 100% recommend completing the game. In fact, even if you are one, why not risk it? It's worth it. :)

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I heard that love burns, but this is ridiculous!

Loving the game, dude. Fully completed the first season, and I on my way to fully 100% it!

P. S.: Just wish the tip about undoing your actions came a little bit sooner.


A very cool puzzle game! I haven’t playthrough-ed it entirely yet but will continue another day.

The biggest strength and achievement imo is that this is a puzzle game that does not feel so much like a big-brain puzzle when you play it. The action space at a given configuration is often limited, but the whole level is a still complex and quite large tree.

Also being able to undo your action with backspace helps a lot with that feeling. The way I’ve been playing is not to figure out the whole solution right away but rather experiment with the different possible actions and choose what “felt right”, i.e most optimized in terms of steps.

There is enough JUICE to give you diabetes and to quote John, “more tweens than an Imagine Dragons concert”.

There is even lore given in a smooth way to make you understand the setting of the TV gameshow. I’d love to hear an announcer giving lines corresponding to what’s happening in game, e.g “Oh… Looks like our contestant likes his roses toasted!” That would also help understanding all the smaller mechanics because it’s sometimes hard to see everything that happened after a flamethrower activation.

I managed to complete ~25% in around 1h (more like 1h30 but with livestreaming and all I was slower ofc). So the game should be at least 4h long, plus some insider told me there are super hardcore secret levels to unlock :O

This game would work very well on mobile devices. Any plans on that John?

Anyway great game 11/10 will mindfuck myself again


I really enjoyed your stream, Vik! Thanks so much for playing.
No plans to bring it to mobile devices, I'm afraid.


Just got notified you finished this, great job John!
I've just played through season 1. My favorite so far was the first ice puzzle. Also I appreciate the character selection in the options!